1. Hello, I just wanted you to know that I downloaded a slightly newer version of MacPorts that prompted me to only install git, instead of git-core. I hope that’s not an issue for me. I’m not even sure why I’ve gone through the entire process that you recommended, but it seems accurate. I’m familiar with asp, javascript, and others, but not much at all with PHP method for websites. Thank you for the informative website though! Enjoy.

  2. I experienced a very painless installation of MacPorts following your instructions. Now… when I need it, I will have it.

    One question: I have not used the terminal much, but I understand “sudo” can be dangerous. I get warning messages when I use “sudo port selfupgrade”, so is this normal or am I doing something wrong? I “ctl C’d” my way out without selfupgrading. Thanks if you could reply.

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